Janet: 19 year old Nursing Major

This outfit is kinda creepy. Going from the bottom up, everything seems pretty normal to me. But it is only until you reach the top that you notice how strong her look is. Everything around her (cute) face is very dark: a dark hat, dark hair, and dark eyeliner with the whites of her eyes peeking out. It’s got this V for Vendetta feel –  I love it :)

Is it me or does she also have that Gogo look (from Kill Bill Vol.1) ? It’s like shes ready to toss a dangerous/sharp object at my face. Additionally, whenever I look at her ring, my eye starts to create an imaginary cigarette. There’s this strange dichotomy within her outfit: on one hand you have this innocent light coming from her top and sweater which is competing with the extremes of her eyes and the boots. It may seem simple at first, but when you delve into it, this is a pretty interesting composition of contrast.

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

My booties. I bought these vintage shoes at crossroads!



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3 responses to “Janet: 19 year old Nursing Major

  1. Tania

    I absolutely love the red lips, hat, ring, and gold colored buckles. for me its the smaller things that do it :)

    • The Falco

      I’m very critical when it comes to red lipstick. It has to be done right or not at all (Janet did it right)

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