Jessica: 20 year old Bioscience Major

Confession: The lady you’re looking at is Jessica aka “a girl I used to like back in sophomore year in High School”. But old crushes aside, she’s got style. In general, I fucking HATE those nasty ass forever 21 girls who run into the store and come out looking like BRATZ dolls. Despite the fact that Jessica is wearing forever 21, she wears it correctly.

The proportions of the dress and the print are amazing on her. But what’s most interesting is the fact that usually the only time you see printed flowers on dresses is on grandma and her dining table cloth. But once again, Jessica manages to rock the shit out of that dress. Hell, even I wanna wear it….sike…

Ok, back to styling: look at the waistline of her dress. Do you see that flap of fabric hanging off to her right? Sure, it might be a minor fashion faux pas but AHA! If you look at the hair cascading down her bust, the bottom of her hair is hanging off to the side and it almost feels as if her hair is pushing down on the dress, causing that overlap of fabric. Pretty cool huh? :)

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

Well, I’m a summer kind of girl and I like pretty dresses – so I bought it.



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7 responses to “Jessica: 20 year old Bioscience Major

  1. Tania

    okay, um this dress is amaaaaaaaaaazing. the floral print is very comforting and warm, and then the sandals are very strong. I love the necklace too, since there isn’t an overload of accessories.

    • The Falco

      I LOVE this dress on Jessica. I liked it so much that I actually was planning on using this picture as a banner for the site.

  2. nfigure

    >>>”The lady you’re looking at is Jessica aka ‘a girl I used to like back in sophomore year in High School’.”

    Well! Can’t say that I blame you. =P

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