Asha: 24 year old Entrepreneur

I know what some of you are thinking: Monsieur Falco! Who is this..this…BRONZE beauty?! And the answer is: I have no idea. I saw Asha walking around and decided to snap a photo of her outfit. There was something about it that I really liked.

For starters, she’s wearing two fist fulls of black. Black top, black boots, and a black scarf (not to mention her dark hair). But what I am absolutely in love with is the fact that she used that scarf  (or shawl) in such a asymmetrical way. Usually, people put on scarves and tie it around themselves with little effort. In return, it ends up looking like some cotton pretzel that serves no visual purpose. But Asha knew what she was doing.

She also used silver rings and a silver necklace (which you can barely see under the shawl) which added a nice contrast to the harsh black. Good color, good contrast, good asymmetry, and it all works well with her rich skin tone. It just goes to show you: you don’t have to be in a punk band or have cuts across your arms to wear black (properly) – you just need to be Asha.

What is your favorite part about your outfit?

My elephant ring! I bought this when I decided to marry myself.


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2 responses to “Asha: 24 year old Entrepreneur

  1. Tania

    the boots do it for me. and i love her bangs i think they frame her face very well :)

    • The Falco

      I saw her at school the other day but her face was hidden by a tree. But I knew it was her because of her boots :)

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