Nikita: 19 year old International Business major

When I first approached Nikita to ask if I could take his picture, I felt like I was talking to one of those stereotypical Russians in those action movies. ” ….I was wondering if I could take a picture of your outfit for the newspaper.”

He hesitated and said “Uh….yayz…yayz!”

As I look back at the pictures now, I realize that maybe I overhyped his outfit at the beginning – it’s probably because he was so tall. But that’s not to say that it’s a bad outfit. In fact, I really do like it. But it was his shoes that I went bananas for (and yes, I was incredibly jealous). “Your shoes! They’re really nice! Where did you get em?”

Him: Eez Moos-kee-noe
Me: Mooz-kee-no? How do you spell it?
Him: M-O-S-C
Me: OOH!! Moschino!

Apparently I’m an idiot because I’ve been calling it “Moh-sheen-o” this whole time! His shoes fit well, they were shiny, and they cost him $250 dollars. Every part of his outfit was cut well including his haircut (which was so blonde that in my other pictures, the sun was washing it out completely).

What’s your favorite part about your outfit?

My shooz – no no! I change my mind: My headphones. They are from Dr. Dre



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2 responses to “Nikita: 19 year old International Business major

  1. Tania

    HEADPHONES AND SHOES. boom. best parts. yeap :)

  2. The Falco

    *In a Russian accent* “They are BEATS – you know?”

    haha I was laughing inside when he said that :o)

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