Gabrielle: 18 year old Animal Science major

While I was walking around searching for well dressed girls on campus, I saw Gabrielle head towards the library. I was too lazy to chase after her so I let her pass. Ten minutes later, she walked out and took a seat on a bench near me. I approached her and asked if I could take her picture for the school newspaper.

Her: Uh..uh…I actually don’t go here. I’m waiting for my friend.
Me: Oh…ok. Sorry about that. Thanks anyways!

As I started to walk away I wondered if it really mattered. Will anyone really care if she’s a student? She’s here isn’t she? Fuck it! Take that picture!

Me: Ya know what? It’s fine! I’d still like to take your picture!

This girl was an absolutely adorable cutey pie. I’m in love with this picture! Notice Gabrielle biting her lower lip. Notice the slighty 80’s pink sweater. Notice the the skirt hanging down from beneath the pink sweater. There’s a lot of thought in this look. The necklace, the shoes, the attitude. It’s almost like she’s this ballerina wandering around a college campus, waiting for her parents to pick her up.

As she wrote down her information on my writing pad, she noticed I had 2PM lyrics (a Korean band) written all over the top portion of my paper. “2pm?” she asked. “Haha yes” I replied in an embarrassed tone. She was Korean so I felt like her questioning was more of a “You listen to 2PM?”

What’s your favorite part about your outfit?

*She looks down at her top and pinches at the fabric* I really like this top. I bought it when I was in Korea and thought it was so pretty

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