Courtney: 19 year old Kinesiology major

To be honest, this outfit, this specific outfit, is one that I’ve seen a million times on a million different girls. I’ve seen it in the mall, on the streets, and on campus. So why exactly did I shoot this? Why did I take her picture? Yes, she’s obviously a very pretty girl but it was her confidence and conviction that I photographed.

I remember it clearly: I was turning around and I saw Courtney saunter into my field of vision. It was like life had been put into slow motion and I was fixated on her. For a split second or less, I even felt as if I were looking at a woman who had been sent from the 1960’s. It’s purple. It’s black. It’s gold. It’s great.

Though it is covered from head to toe, you can really tell that she’s wearing this outfit – and it’s sexy. It has molded itself into her body, flowing with every bend and curve. It was pretty funny because as I was taking pictures, I noticed that the first several were more or less okay. But then I shot from a different angle and just as I bent down to take the shot, a gust of wind came from behind her and I felt like I was in a studio with lights and fans blowing her hair around. It was awesome.

So Courtney, if you’re reading this (which I hope you are), I don’t love this outfit – I love this outfit on you.

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

My shoes, definitely. Why? Well… what girl doesn’t like shoes?

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One response to “Courtney: 19 year old Kinesiology major

  1. Tania

    omg purple. purple purple purple. yeah. thats probably my favorite thing about it lol. and I love the belt, it really adds to her body

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