Lesley: 21 year old Economics major

Awww…Lesley :) While I was taking her picture, she had this gigantic smile as she kept saying “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you took my picture! I would have never guessed you would pick me!” It was incredibly cute and I was totally in love with her bubbly attitude. That aside, lets talk fashion.

Everyone, quick! High five Lesley for using gradient colors! YAY! For those of you who don’t know what that means, gradient outfits are when you have a dark color on one side, and as you move towards the other side of the body (in this case, from her toes to her head) the pieces of her outfit get lighter and lighter. The effect is that it elongates your body and makes for a much more pleasing color combo.

And DUDE! Look at that fuckin jacket, yo! It’s cut PERFECTLY on her wrist, with a bit of sleeve showing, and the bottom of the coat is cut at the right spot, exposing just enough leg and boot. This is a great coat: the color suits her well, the print is simple and it matches her hair. Oh, oh! And look! Red lipstick done correctly! Hooray for Lesley the cutie pie :)

What’s your favorite part about your outfit?

My coat – I bought it my first semester at Wellesley college back east – so it’s my first coat.



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2 responses to “Lesley: 21 year old Economics major

  1. Tania

    oh hey she’s in my philosophy class! hi Lesley. yeah its the coat. the coat and the boots for me

  2. The Falco

    i wish all the girls i posted on this site were in my class :(

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