Carol: 21 year old ESL student

I‘m not sure why, but I’m sitting here, looking at this outfit, and I just can’t get myself to say “wow, this was an amazing outfit!” Honestly, I think that having it as a photograph doesn’t do it justice. In person, her top was flowy and it moved and curved into the wind with such grace. But this… this just doesn’t do!

But of course, isn’t that true with many photographed things? I mean sure, I can stare at photographs of bacon but nothing compares to eating it, right? Hmmm…maybe that wasn’t such a good analogy… ANYWAYS! I like the color of the top. If you’ve ever seen food coloring, juice, milk, or even blood from a bleeding nose drip into a sink of clear water, you see this diffusion of color. Basically this top is a sophisticated version of tie-dye – she also has a really nice watch which matches well with the colors on top.

I‘d like to imagine (because I’m so frustrated at how this picture doesn’t suffice her outfit) that this top was once created in a giant underground water temple. And as the sea goddesses did their chant, they all dropped herbs and plants and tears into the water, creating this wonderful top.

I really need to stop playing video games….

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and where did you get it?

When I went to London, I saw this top with all the jewels and colors and thought “wow”

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