Miris: 21 year old Statistics major

Once again, I am dissatisfied with this picture. Actually, I love the outfit. What I’m unhappy with is the fact that Miris is a GORGEOUS girl and this picture does NOT do her justice. It’s like taking a picture of the Mona Lisa with your cell phone camera – it’s not the same! In person, her smile is really really ridiculously good looking.

But in terms of fashion and style, this is a pretty cool outfit. It’s very Agyness Deyn (if she were Asian). I like how frail her pose is in relation to the edginess of her jacket, shoes, and her bag that looks a lot like Cloyster. On one hand you have dark black, silver, and hard stripes. But when you look at her right arm and that little smirk on her face, it feels very disarming. I kinda like it. Besides… her name is Miris! How cool is that?!

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

Oh, I like this jacket. No wait, I like the shoes. No no! I like them both! haha!



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5 responses to “Miris: 21 year old Statistics major

  1. Thats a cool picture, I like her expression. And the bag is gorgeous! Wish i could ask Miris where she got it!

    • The Falco

      For me, the bag is my favorite part about her outfit. It’s so weird. It looks like an oyster/weird sea creature! :D

  2. This is my fave. Worthy of Facehunter. Nice one.

  3. She has a Rainie Yang mixed with Demi Lovato look.
    Love her outfit too. I just might have to bookmark this page for future outfit references.

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