Kyle: 19 year old Biology major

So as I was going on a last minute photo taking spree, I saw kyle “chillin” on the sidewalk. He definitely fit his clothes. At first I was like, “meh, it’s just a shirt and jeans. Big deal!” Upon further investigation, I tried checking out his outfit without looking like I was checking him out.

I mean…LOOK at it! That shirt is cut very slim and very short, but it has a very very cool contrast with his jeans. The jeans (Diesel) are tapered in the middle and have a nice flare towards the end. It’s very Megaman-esque. Not only that but the colors of his outfit relate: white shoes, white bag, white collar/cuff. Oh, and in case you’re feeling a bit of pitty for his simplistic outfit, don’t. You can’t see because his shirt is in the way but that belt buckle of his? It’s DG (Dolce and Gabana, not D&G. D&G is the lower end brand of Dolce and Gabana) Yes, my Asian brother is ballin :o)

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

My Diesel jeans. I always go back to Diesel because their jeans fit the best!



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5 responses to “Kyle: 19 year old Biology major

  1. Those are some nice jeans. Makes me want my husband to go buy some. I like the watch too, nice fashion statement, trendy but a little different the the usual.

    • The Falco

      yea! I’m not much of a jeans kinda guy but after seeing this, I actually contemplated the idea of going straight to Diesel :P

  2. it does kinda look mega-man-ish, the jeans rock!

  3. (m)

    This is a really cute and casual outfit. Love the white with the blues, very cool feeling.

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