Rukia: 18 year old Political Science major

My school has a hefty amount of Muslim women, walking around, draped in beautiful silks and fabrics. Unfortunately, some of these girls have no clue how to accessorize and build outfits around the scarves. Believe it or not, I was actually stunned, STUNNED I tell you! when I first saw Rukia.

First off, she’s a very tall and gorgeous girl with incredibly rich looking skin. By adding white, it accentuates her skin tone and brings out a very velvet like contrast. Pure white, pure black, flecks of gray, and shades of brown; these colors can be found on her scarf, and seem to branch off into different parts of her outfit: shoes, pants, bag. And the BAG! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good enough picture of the front of the bag but I LOVE how it matches PERFECTLY with the rest of her outfit. FYI, the bag is from Chanel.

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

Definitely my bag. It was a gift and it’s also very expensive.



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2 responses to “Rukia: 18 year old Political Science major

  1. Wow! Being from the Bay Area, I can confirm what you said, I have seen many Muslim women who don’t take advantage of the beautiful scarves they wear and tie the outfit in. This woman looks fantastic! I love the pants, and the casual shoes are a surprising yet awesome choice.

    • The Falco

      I saw her today and she was dressed just as well, if not better. She definitely knows what she’s doing :))

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