LiJuan (Cherry): 20 year old International Business major

Unlike some of my posts from last week, this is an outfit that I actually like MORE now that I look back on it. Yes she’s casual, yes she’s an International Business major, but this fuckin outfit is GOOD! and it fits that casual/business attitude.

The way her skirt folds inside itself creates this tension caused by the sweater. It feels like her sweater is gripping the the excess fabric and flowing over her wrists. Once again, this intelligent girl used gradient colors of blue which helped elongate her figure. The gold detailing on her shoes is a nice touch and if you get a little closer, you’ll see a knot above the shoe, with golden covers. I also like the fact that her left hand is timidly picking at her sweater – very cute!

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

My shoes. I always pick the shoes first, then build the rest of my outfit from there.



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2 responses to “LiJuan (Cherry): 20 year old International Business major

  1. Love the grays and blues! It looks sophisticated yet casual.

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