Martha: 21 year old Social Science major

Okay, I know I’m going to sound like a fucking ASSHOLE right now, so bear with me: This outfit needs a bit of improvement. The jacket sleeves should be shorter (at the wrist), her skirt needs to be longer (3 or 2 inches more), and the flats could be a bit stronger. That being said, I chose this outfit not because of the fit, but because of the colors and theme.

Nowadays, you don’t see this combination of vintage brown/burgundy. There’s also this post World War II vibe that I like. I almost feel as if there’s a hidden (imaginary) story behind this outfit: Martha is a young woman, and her boyfriend is a fighter pilot for the war. One day she finds out that his plane had been shot down, and all that is left is his jacket, which she carries around and wears for comfort.

See? Having a purpose/meaning to your clothes can make it look that much better. But of course…make sure the story is real :P

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and where did you get it?

Probably the Jacket. I think it looks nice and I went and bought it at Macy’s .



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2 responses to “Martha: 21 year old Social Science major

  1. This is my least favorite of the outfits you’ve photographed. Because of the reasons you stated. I agree that the colors are good, though I don’t like the shoes with the outfit at all.

    And when are we going to get to see a picture of you in your outfit? Come on, we want to give our opinion on that too!

    • The Falco

      haha thats a good point. I’ll be sure to photograph an outfit of mine sometime soon. Actually, I have a photoshoot coming up soon so I’ll post those pictures :P

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