Vanessa: 20 year old English major

DUDE! Okay, so I see this girl ALL the time! Well not all the time, but I see her walking around campus every now and then. Unfortunately, I’ve never payed much attention to her outfits. To be honest, I just think she’s incredibly cute.  So when I was on the hunt for some stylistic people, I actually, for once, noticed her outfit.

With that muted lavender jacket, and the gray boots and matching top, the colors almost seem reminiscent of 80’s fashion. It’s kinda cool. It also highlights the darkness of her eyebrows and hair, which create a wonderful frame to her face. In detail, she has a white, almost slightly sophisticated belt laced across her mid section, a jagged stone bracelet, and if you look close, you can see the tiny glisten of her lip ring. Cute style on a very cute girl.

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

Well, probably my jacket since it’s new. Or wait, no– actually my bracelet because my mom gave this to me :)


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