Fresh off the Boat [shoes]: San Francisco

So I’m walking up and down Powell Street (the street where H&M is) and I notice that there are HELLA Japanese people around here! Not only that, but they ALL – no seriously, ALL – dressed very well. The Japanese are the kings of cool when it comes to dressing casual. They do shit that none of us Americans would EVER think of doing. They distort the rules of fashion, turn them on it’s head, and paint it bright blue with stars and cute animals.

When I approached this guy, there was an immediate language difference. “Excuse me, may I take a picture of your outfit?” “Me? You want me, take picture of YOU?” “No no! I take picture of YOU!” After 15 seconds of this, and a few hand gestures, I got the shot. Originally he stayed for one shot, but just as I was going to take another, he started to walk away, hence the movement in this one. But hey, at least we shared a good laugh!

This outfit is preppy, yet casual, yet leathery. I can’t figure out what the hell those leather straps on his shoulders are for. Is it a backpack? Suspenders? Is it part of his vest? I have no clue. I’m liking the flash of silver on his left hand, and the checkers on his pocket. It’s simple, yet different.


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  1. Oh! This guy is adorable! If someone described this outfit, I’d have said it would never work, but he’s so darn cute he makes it work!

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