Urban Shaggy: San Francisco

Since we’re already on the subject of Scooby Doo look alikes, I present to you: Urban Shaggy! I mean sure, he isn’t wearing the acid green shirt nor does he look like a stoner (well…maybe an urban stoner), but he has the hair and the height!

When you’re like me, and you live in San Jose, you tend to forget that there are people in this world with a hair color other than black. Maybe that’s why I like this outfit: his hair matches his cardigan….which matches his shoes…which also match his bag. But let’s get onto something more technical: color changing clothes.

You see that shirt? You see that red shirt? The interesting thing is that although it’s a dark red, when combined with all of this brown, the red starts to blend into the brown, giving it an almost burnt sienna feel. This is a tactic that few people understand. The color of your shirt, tie, dress, etc, can change depending on what you pair it with. Feel like warming things up? Add browns and reds. Or maybe you wanna highlight and brighten? Pair it with white.


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