Goldilocks: San Francisco

DAAAANGGG! I know right? With that much gold on her, she looks like the Oscars trophy! And like an Oscars trophy, she was also hard to get.

Me: Excuse me, may I take a picture of your outfit?
Her: ..ummm…I don’t even know you.
Me: Well I’m actually a fashion and style writer for the De Anza College newspaper, and I love your outfit.
Her two other friends in unison: OMGOMGOMG! DO IT! JUST DO IT! You think that looks nice? She should take
off that coat and show you the dress she has underneath!

Thank god for peer pressure, eh? But to be honest, what I love most about this look is that fucking bag. What the hell is that?! It’s sucking my brain into a trance and now I feel slightly woozy, and in the mood for a mojito and some tanning lotion. Dang woman, Beverly Hills is that-a way! Jokes aside, she looks great.

I mean for once, I don’t even think I need to fully explain why this works (well actually I do: the dress peeking under the coat, the shoes [which I THOUGHT were gold at first, but are actually silver], the bracelet that matches the shoes, the bag which ties everything together, and that incredibly nice hair.) And if that isn’t enough, there’s a flash of Tiffany’s blue peering from under the coat. Urban Bond girl? Perhaps.


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One response to “Goldilocks: San Francisco

  1. On first glance I thought she looked fabulous as well, but I don’t like the silver shoes with the gold bag. They work with the coat, but not the bag. I think it ends up drawing too much attention to her feet, and if they were a unique pair of shoes, that might be okay. As it is, they don’t “wow” me.

    Great picture though!

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