Tashema: 20 year old Criminal Justice major

Due to her incredibly cute dress, spotting Tashema was like picking a ripe red strawberry among several green ones: it was very easy. Unfortunately, when I saw her, she was about 40 feet away from me and I had to power walk towards her. I literally walked across the entire cafeteria and then some just to approach her.

When she first introduced herself as Tashema, I thought she said Sashimi and thought “omg! she’s part Asian! that’s hella sexy!” Blasian or not, she wears the SHIT out of that dress! When it comes to showing skin, regardless if you have Z cups or munchin legs, I think less is more. For this outfit, there’s a LOT of leg going on here, but it isn’t skanky.

Some girls totally turn the skank meter up to 11, pulling their thongs out of their cracks and letting those butt cheeks hang out the bottom of the skirt – but not Tashema. I mean she has long legs, but it’s done tastefully. The shoes look nice and it relates back to the belt. It’s just sooo simple, yet sooo good. Gorgeous girl; Great outfit; BERRY GEEEWWDDD! *Japanese Accent*


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