Asian Girl with a British Accent: San Francisco

Yes, this girl is INCREDIBLY beautiful and she has a wonderful figure but get this: she has a slight British accent! O.M.F.G! Somebody please drop a brick on my head.

When I positioned her for the shot she said “do you want me to take off the scarf?” Now I’m sure it would have been a lot better if she did – since the black KINDA throws it off – but then I thought “well if she does, then it wont be the same outfit I fell in love with!” I’ve been on the set of TONS of [unprofessional] photoshoots; from being the camera man, to being the director, as well as the model – I’ve done it all. So sometimes I have a tendency to want to fix things.

Maybe I’ll move her hair back, or button up the jacket, or do this and that – but I won’t. I like to photograph people as they are, in their most comfortable state. I never ask them to pose. Whenever people ask “how should I stand?” I always tell them “However you want. Do what’s most comfortable for you”. By doing this, I can really see a sense of comfort in people’s bodies – even though I’m some random person shooting them.

My favorite part about this outfit is the dress. I LOVE the detailing and perhaps it’s just me, but it feels very Versace. Crisp white, silky caramel, and this muted teal. It’s amazing how much the textured dress brings it all together. I just wish I could see her without the scarf/jacket, and have a full view of the dress by itself.


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