The European Weapons Dealer: San Francisco

Doesn’t he look like a bad guy from a James Bond movie? I can totally imagine him saying “Meestar Bond, you have tventy two hours to geev me ze money, or else I vill keel ze President!”

This is my first photo-terrorist/paparazzi style photograph. I was on one side of the street and I saw him on the other, and decided that I HAD to shoot this man. Although it might have been ideal to ask him, I figured I might lose a hand or have a AK-47 pushed against my face if I did. ANYWAYS!

One of the hardest things for a man to do is to wear a suit, and make it look like he’s not wearing a suit. Too many guys nowadays put on suits and they just look completely stiff, as if a brick had been stapled to their ass crack and they’re trying to successfully walk around the city. A good suit is one that flows, that moves with your elbows and makes you appear comfortable.

Although his pants are a wee bit baggy for my personal taste, I think everything else fits PERFECTLY. There’s a small bit of shirt cuff peeking out the right suit cuff, the shoulders hug him correctly, and the collar on his snappy white shirt is spread evenly in proportion to his neck and tie. However, my absolute favorite thing about this is his briefcase! I mean shit! LOOK at the COLOR! O.M.G! I’m tired of those plain black ones that are all boxy…bleh…

This briefcase is incredibly thin, very very sleek and minimalistic, and there aren’t any gaudy logos printed all over the damn thing. But when I got a closer look at the bag *zoom/enhance* I was very pleased (and not very surprised) to find a discretely engraved LV (Louis Vuiton) on the top right. He may be carrying a mean handgun in that bag, but who really cares about what’s inside?


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2 responses to “The European Weapons Dealer: San Francisco

  1. Alec trevelyan (oo6)

    Well well Well! We meet again Mr.Bond…

  2. I agree this dude looks fabulous! Especially the briefcase, I would have guessed it was Coach though, they have bags in a similar style and color.

    Good job at the discrete photo taking, if this student thing doesn’t work out, it’s good to know you could have a career as a paparazzo (thats the singular term for “paparazzi”, right?).

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