From Paris with Love <3 San Francisco

There’s something about this girl that looks very French. The hair, the colors on her outfit, and her face all emit this Parisian vibe. I mean sure, it’s completely possible that she’s not even French. For all we know she could be from Peru, or even Berkeley. But if we take that as a possibility then it makes it even more amazing that she – [possibly] a native Peruvian/Berkeluvian – was able to transform her nationality to French, through fashion.

What’s really cool about this outfit is how she reversed the nature of the jacket and the skirt. Usually, you would see the stripes on top (in the form of a top) and the solid navy blue on the bottom (in the form of a skirt/pants). This sailor/cruise-wear outfit is honestly one of my new favorites. I adore the use of blue which acts as a background to support and brighten the whites (on her scarf/buttons) and her face is completely untouched by any makeup (or so it seems).

It’s simple; it’s a quick outfit any girl can just throw on; it’s French and elle est belle! (It’s beautiful!)

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One response to “From Paris with Love <3 San Francisco

  1. Stella

    I really really love this outfit–I want to do something like this but am afraid of pretending to be too francais.

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