Blue [not really suede] shoes: San Francisco

For the longest time I’ve been meaning to buy new bowling shoes. Unfortunately for me, and for everyone who buys bowling shoes, the ones you purchase are actually pretty ugly. They look like painted marshmallows glued onto a sock. And although I hate forking over an extra $5 to rent the house shoes, I’ve always admired the styling.

No, this man is not wearing bowling shoes but it still reminded me of them (he’s wearing a $150 Claremont Saddle by Cole Haan – I think) . The use of white and primary colors gives it this 50’s feel that makes me wanna get up, grab a cherry coke, and do the twist.

Me: Dude, where did you get your shoes?!
Him: I bought them at Cole Haan. You should check it out, they have some pretty good stuff over there.
Me: I will (even though I won’t, since I’m too cheap, and I waste all my money on restaurants/H&M.)

What I find fascinating is how big of a difference the shoes make. Honestly, if I were to see this guy wearing this exact outfit, with regular black shoes, I wouldn’t even whisper to him. But those damn shoes man! THE SHOES! The crisp white draws you in and the dark blue sets you back. The sleeves on his jacket fit PEEERFECTLY, and his pants truly accentuate his height. Another thing I noticed is his hair. Why don’t I see more guys with that kind of hairstyle? I think it’s pretty cool. It’s a very refreshing change from the typical “line up” that I see too often. This is simple done right.

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