Zebras in America: San Francisco

During my Sophomore year in High School I really started to experiment with fashion. Argyle sweater and leopard print scarf? Sure. Pink shirt and white blazer? Hell yea! Stripes and stripes? FASHOW! But along came my classmate who, in her own demented mind, came up to me and said,

Her: Didn’t you know you’re not supposed to wear stripes on stripes?
Me: Ummm…no?
Her: What the hell?! How do you NOT know that?!

Seconds later I felt the sting of an [emotional] slap against teenage ego. Wha..what?! No stripes on stripes?! THIS IS MADNESS! However, according to more reputable sources (GQ) I am pleased to announce that yes, stripes on stripes actually works. The only thing you need to watch out for is the thickness of the stripes. Make sure one stripe is thinner, or thicker than the other.

That being said, I like the random stripes on this outfit. Even though it’s only a belt and a scarf, it’s pretty damn loud. Just like my previous post on the man’s blue/white shoes, unique accessories can really juice up an outfit. Sadly, we only have a glimmer of her purse which from the details of the gold studs, looks quite nice. And check out those boots eh? Unlike the boots sold at crappy establishments like urban outfitters, these boots look like they’re made from decent material and seem as if they will actually protect you from such dangers as: the wind. Madness you say? THIS! IS! SAN FRANCISCO!


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