The Man with…Pigtails? San Francisco

This is one of those rare cases in fashion where  an outfit is so wrong it’s right. The pieces in this guys outfit are all over the place! From Southern California gangsta to Classic American, this (Japanese?) guy cherry picks just the right styles which all compliment each other.

On the bottom half you see baggy jeans and crisp white Nikes which bring us back to hip-hop street wear. Up north around the torso you get this SoCal street wear with the plaid, the white tee, and his tattoos. Up top is where you see Classic American: A black Trilby paired with razor thin, almost 50’s inspired glasses. And finally there’s…umm…pigtails?

It’s funny because one of my best friends has been growing out his hair so he can sport “man” pigtails. Now I haven’t seen my share of mantails but I’ll be honest…I was skeptical. In fact, I was downright horrified of the idea. My mind conjured up ideas of this 250lb man with pink beads in his hair sporting a tweeny bopper set of pigtails. THE HORROR! THE HORROR!

So to see this guy do it right, and do it without any hint of femininity, is a sigh of relief. Let the mantails trend begin!

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One response to “The Man with…Pigtails? San Francisco

  1. Hee hee whoops- The photography is so good though that it helps him out.

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