The Perfect Outfit: San Francisco

In my honest 100% unfiltered opinion, this is an absolute perfect outfit. The skirt is at a perfect length above her knees; the shirt is cinched nicely around her waist and rolled to perfection; her hair is immaculately fixed (to maximize optimum flowlyness); she sports a nice and even tan; the belt is placed high above her waist yet lower than her bust (which is where it should be); the shoes are subtle which bring more attention to her printed skirt; and her Moschino bag is classic looking and free from any gaudy prints.

When you walk around the city scouting well dressed people to photograph, you’re bound to come across some interesting and important people – this woman is both interesting and important.

Her: Do you have a business card or a website?
Me: No business card, but I do have a website!
Her: Oh, can you write it down?
Me: Sure!
(as I started to write she interjected and said)
Her: I’m actually a creative director for a fashion magazine in Norway-
(my jaw dropped and I was starstruck. I didn’t know who this woman was but I wanted to find out)
Her: -and maybe we can post a link to your website on ours!

After writing down my contact info I walked away smiling the biggest smile ever. Is this my big break? Probably not, but it was something. I met a person who mattered in the industry and who was interested in what I was doing. I felt good about it. I guess when you commit to doing something, somewhere along the way, you hope someone notices. All I know is that I really really love what I’m doing.

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