Michael Jackson: In the 70’s

Everyone knows Michael Jackson had style. What else do I need to say other than “The jacket from Thriller”? I’m sure there are critics who will openly disagree with what I’m about to say but to be honest, I prefer his 79′ album Off The Wall, over his newer albums. And like my preference for his music in the 70’s, I also prefer Michael’s Style in the 70’s – afro and all.

I mean Jesus Christ! Look at those pants! He’s wearing SALMON colored pants with a PINK SHIRT! W. T. F! NO one can pull that off! NO ONE! I like how everyone in this picture seems to be happy yet Michael is the only one sporting a model-esque facial expression. The way his body leans against the car; the way his hand lightly cups the hat; style is more than just clothes, it also pertains to body language.

So here’s to Michael, the Jackson 5, and a hope that maybe, just maybe… we can all wear salmon colored pants one day.


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2 responses to “Michael Jackson: In the 70’s

  1. A

    Well of course, the colors during the 70s were more extravagant and flamboyant, and they were widely accepted. A pic from the 80s can be pulled up and we can judge that no one can pull off a Mullet :)

  2. The Falco

    Well colors nowadays are just as loud, but in a more neon sense (ex:hypebeasts). The only thing that really makes these outfits less accepted is the fact that it’s in (dressed up) menswear. But also it’s the fit. The fit of Michael’s pants isn’t seen too often nowadays (unfortunately) but the color can be found on plenty of skinny jeans.

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