Girl with a Pearl Necklace: San Francisco

This weather just frickin SUCKS! Just thinking about the sun is giving me a headache. Luckily for this girl, she’s probably keeping herself very very cool. I mean if you simply look at this woman and look at that outfit, you get the sense that she’s very relaxed and very comfortable with this shitty weather.

However, for me, it’s the accessories that submit me into a fashion headlock: the thin black watch that’s barely visible, yet totally necessary, and the pearl necklace (har har, very funny). Another thing to take notes on is her striped top. Now usually, places like GAP or stores comparable in price make striped tops but with thicker lines. Unless you can actually pull it off, you’ll just end up looking like you belong on the playground. If that doesn’t work out, you can be a Pablo Picasso doppelganger.

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