The Asian Gentleman and His Wife: Japantown Mall (San Francisco)

When I was hanging around the Japantown mall I spent a good chunk of my time eating and the rest of it watching out for well dressed people. Unfortunately, most of the people were dressed a little too casual or a little too boring. Then this couple came along and I was really fixated on not the clothes themselves, but how they were being used.

This guy has simple work attire which could fit a little better, but hey, no worries! What I like about this couple is how much care this man put not into his outfit, but his girlfriend/wife. She would calmly float around shop to shop and he would follow her with his hand at the small of her back. With his jacket around her shoulders and her purse in his hands, you could tell she felt free to roam the mall with the comfort that her purse would be free from snatching, and her body protected from harm. He was really taking care of her and I thought it was incredibly sweet.

Nowadays, I don’t see the “give-your-jacket-to-the-lady” gesture anymore – but then again, this guy is Asian, so what do you expect? ;)

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