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Asian Girl with a British Accent: San Francisco

Yes, this girl is INCREDIBLY beautiful and she has a wonderful figure but get this: she has a slight British accent! O.M.F.G! Somebody please drop a brick on my head.

When I positioned her for the shot she said “do you want me to take off the scarf?” Now I’m sure it would have been a lot better if she did – since the black KINDA throws it off – but then I thought “well if she does, then it wont be the same outfit I fell in love with!” I’ve been on the set of TONS of [unprofessional] photoshoots; from being the camera man, to being the director, as well as the model – I’ve done it all. So sometimes I have a tendency to want to fix things.

Maybe I’ll move her hair back, or button up the jacket, or do this and that – but I won’t. I like to photograph people as they are, in their most comfortable state. I never ask them to pose. Whenever people ask “how should I stand?” I always tell them “However you want. Do what’s most comfortable for you”. By doing this, I can really see a sense of comfort in people’s bodies – even though I’m some random person shooting them.

My favorite part about this outfit is the dress. I LOVE the detailing and perhaps it’s just me, but it feels very Versace. Crisp white, silky caramel, and this muted teal. It’s amazing how much the textured dress brings it all together. I just wish I could see her without the scarf/jacket, and have a full view of the dress by itself.

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Tashema: 20 year old Criminal Justice major

Due to her incredibly cute dress, spotting Tashema was like picking a ripe red strawberry among several green ones: it was very easy. Unfortunately, when I saw her, she was about 40 feet away from me and I had to power walk towards her. I literally walked across the entire cafeteria and then some just to approach her.

When she first introduced herself as Tashema, I thought she said Sashimi and thought “omg! she’s part Asian! that’s hella sexy!” Blasian or not, she wears the SHIT out of that dress! When it comes to showing skin, regardless if you have Z cups or munchin legs, I think less is more. For this outfit, there’s a LOT of leg going on here, but it isn’t skanky.

Some girls totally turn the skank meter up to 11, pulling their thongs out of their cracks and letting those butt cheeks hang out the bottom of the skirt – but not Tashema. I mean she has long legs, but it’s done tastefully. The shoes look nice and it relates back to the belt. It’s just sooo simple, yet sooo good. Gorgeous girl; Great outfit; BERRY GEEEWWDDD! *Japanese Accent*

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Ilkim (Kim): 22 year old Business major

One of the things that I’m starting to notice [from doing this blog] is that people who were born in Europe, are really proud of being born in Europe. It’s as if they’re unaware of their thick accents and they need to further reiterate their background. I’m not saying this is a bad thing – not at all – I’m just saying it’s interesting.

Me: So what’s your favorite part about your outfit?
Ilkim: Vell I am from Turkey, and I bought all of ziss vhen I vas in Turkey.
Me: Oh nice! I love the outfit! And could you please write down your name on this paper, please?

On the paper it said “Ilkim (Kim) ******* (From Turkey). I mean I thought it was really cute but I started to wonder: why don’t other cultures do that? (Asians, Africans, Latinos, etc)

ANYWAYS! I found this outfit to be VERY interesting. With the weather being as hot as it is, I was baffled at the fact that she chose to wear a vest. It’s bold, but very cool. The shorts show off her amazing legs, and the blue – which has a nice hint steel gray – is really accentuated by the crisp white. This is very summery with a nice [Turkish] twist.

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Goldilocks: San Francisco

DAAAANGGG! I know right? With that much gold on her, she looks like the Oscars trophy! And like an Oscars trophy, she was also hard to get.

Me: Excuse me, may I take a picture of your outfit?
Her: ..ummm…I don’t even know you.
Me: Well I’m actually a fashion and style writer for the De Anza College newspaper, and I love your outfit.
Her two other friends in unison: OMGOMGOMG! DO IT! JUST DO IT! You think that looks nice? She should take
off that coat and show you the dress she has underneath!

Thank god for peer pressure, eh? But to be honest, what I love most about this look is that fucking bag. What the hell is that?! It’s sucking my brain into a trance and now I feel slightly woozy, and in the mood for a mojito and some tanning lotion. Dang woman, Beverly Hills is that-a way! Jokes aside, she looks great.

I mean for once, I don’t even think I need to fully explain why this works (well actually I do: the dress peeking under the coat, the shoes [which I THOUGHT were gold at first, but are actually silver], the bracelet that matches the shoes, the bag which ties everything together, and that incredibly nice hair.) And if that isn’t enough, there’s a flash of Tiffany’s blue peering from under the coat. Urban Bond girl? Perhaps.

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I lost my virginity in: San Francisco

When I first came to San Francisco to take pictures, I was fucking nervous. I mean what was I gonna say to people on the street? “Hi I’m Ranier, can I take a picture of your outfit for my ‘website’?” WTF!!  If I were to say that, I might be mistaken for some creeper posting pictures of random girls on my “nudes” website. But as with most things in life, the first time is always the hardest.

Luckily, this woman was nice enough to let me shoot her; this also helped me gain more confidence in shooting in SF. So thank you, blond lady,  and your very nice jacket. I have a strong feeling that brown orange is the color of the season–nay! it IS the color of the season!

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Urban Shaggy: San Francisco

Since we’re already on the subject of Scooby Doo look alikes, I present to you: Urban Shaggy! I mean sure, he isn’t wearing the acid green shirt nor does he look like a stoner (well…maybe an urban stoner), but he has the hair and the height!

When you’re like me, and you live in San Jose, you tend to forget that there are people in this world with a hair color other than black. Maybe that’s why I like this outfit: his hair matches his cardigan….which matches his shoes…which also match his bag. But let’s get onto something more technical: color changing clothes.

You see that shirt? You see that red shirt? The interesting thing is that although it’s a dark red, when combined with all of this brown, the red starts to blend into the brown, giving it an almost burnt sienna feel. This is a tactic that few people understand. The color of your shirt, tie, dress, etc, can change depending on what you pair it with. Feel like warming things up? Add browns and reds. Or maybe you wanna highlight and brighten? Pair it with white.

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Urban Velma: San Francisco

Isn’t this the cutest girl you’ve ever seen!? She reminds me of Velma, from Scooby Doo, hence the name “Urban Velma”. Initially when I saw her, she was walking with some Asian dude [:^)] so I didn’t want to impede on her conversation. Luckily, she turned around and went back up the street, giving me a second chance to approach her.

I mean this outfit is straight up BASIC! There’s nothing outlandish or gaudy – but her essentials are of great quality and fit. No feathers, sequins, or glittery prints. The top is probably American Apparel, the skirt (although very dark in this picture) is a nice dark blue, the shoes are cute shiny, the jacket is cut at the right place, and her bag matches her belt.

As some of you may or may not notice, the outfits that I tend to photograph are ones that focus on interesting color. I like outfits that use a lot of neutral colors to highlight ONE (or a few) major colors (seen above). It seems as if the entire outfit was built around the bag and belt, while everything else is in the background. And If I could have a split second of “creeper status”, I’d like to say that she looks vewy vewy kissable :)

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Fresh off the Boat [shoes]: San Francisco

So I’m walking up and down Powell Street (the street where H&M is) and I notice that there are HELLA Japanese people around here! Not only that, but they ALL – no seriously, ALL – dressed very well. The Japanese are the kings of cool when it comes to dressing casual. They do shit that none of us Americans would EVER think of doing. They distort the rules of fashion, turn them on it’s head, and paint it bright blue with stars and cute animals.

When I approached this guy, there was an immediate language difference. “Excuse me, may I take a picture of your outfit?” “Me? You want me, take picture of YOU?” “No no! I take picture of YOU!” After 15 seconds of this, and a few hand gestures, I got the shot. Originally he stayed for one shot, but just as I was going to take another, he started to walk away, hence the movement in this one. But hey, at least we shared a good laugh!

This outfit is preppy, yet casual, yet leathery. I can’t figure out what the hell those leather straps on his shoulders are for. Is it a backpack? Suspenders? Is it part of his vest? I have no clue. I’m liking the flash of silver on his left hand, and the checkers on his pocket. It’s simple, yet different.

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Vanessa: 20 year old English major

DUDE! Okay, so I see this girl ALL the time! Well not all the time, but I see her walking around campus every now and then. Unfortunately, I’ve never payed much attention to her outfits. To be honest, I just think she’s incredibly cute.  So when I was on the hunt for some stylistic people, I actually, for once, noticed her outfit.

With that muted lavender jacket, and the gray boots and matching top, the colors almost seem reminiscent of 80’s fashion. It’s kinda cool. It also highlights the darkness of her eyebrows and hair, which create a wonderful frame to her face. In detail, she has a white, almost slightly sophisticated belt laced across her mid section, a jagged stone bracelet, and if you look close, you can see the tiny glisten of her lip ring. Cute style on a very cute girl.

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and why?

Well, probably my jacket since it’s new. Or wait, no– actually my bracelet because my mom gave this to me :)

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Martha: 21 year old Social Science major

Okay, I know I’m going to sound like a fucking ASSHOLE right now, so bear with me: This outfit needs a bit of improvement. The jacket sleeves should be shorter (at the wrist), her skirt needs to be longer (3 or 2 inches more), and the flats could be a bit stronger. That being said, I chose this outfit not because of the fit, but because of the colors and theme.

Nowadays, you don’t see this combination of vintage brown/burgundy. There’s also this post World War II vibe that I like. I almost feel as if there’s a hidden (imaginary) story behind this outfit: Martha is a young woman, and her boyfriend is a fighter pilot for the war. One day she finds out that his plane had been shot down, and all that is left is his jacket, which she carries around and wears for comfort.

See? Having a purpose/meaning to your clothes can make it look that much better. But of course…make sure the story is real :P

What’s your favorite part about your outfit and where did you get it?

Probably the Jacket. I think it looks nice and I went and bought it at Macy’s .


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