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Lenny Kravitz’s Twin Brother: San Francisco

An outfit is no longer an outfit the minute you sit down. Once you sit down the functionality of the outfit is tested: Do your pants fit comfortably when sitting? Does your shirt collar rise up? Is there a slab of belly fat protruding from your pants? Sometimes I’ll see a girl wear an amazingly beautiful dress but the instant she sits down, there’s a look on her face as if a large and asymmetrical shaped twig is being lodged into her anus – it totally ruins her vibe. But this guy looks so effing relaxed, and so goddamn cool that he might as well be walking around butt neked.

Due to the angle that I shot at and his right arm, you can barely make out the details of his upper outfit. Underneath his black long sleeve sweater is a black shirt that is paired with a black bow tie. Now usually, I stay away from black on black on black since it creates a boring composition with no sense of depth in the outfit – however, he made it work with this outfit. With different shades of black ranging from his shoes, his pants, and his bow tie, you can definitely see the separation in the pieces and it doesn’t look like one giant body suit.

Within this outfit is something that I personally have never seen: no laces. WHAT?! HOW CAN THAT BE?! Is this some neo-homeless trend that’s sweeping the pipe-sitting community?! Needless to say, it actually looks kinda cool – on him. But be aware that unless you have great hair like this man or your coolness level is comparable to his (IT’S OVER 9,000!!!!), then I suggest you keep your laces on. If all else fails, go butt neked.

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Kristen Stewart’s Twin (kinda): San Francisco

If you look at this girl’s outfit from the bottom up you start to think “Okay, this chick must be in her 30’s” yet remarkably… she’s not (unless she ages REALLY REALLY well). I love it when girls around my age (early 20s) dress as if they are 10 years older. Yes, I’m sure that sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I truly mean it.

Once you zoom and enhance you can truly see the floral-esque detailing in her skirt. Most of the things on this outfit are rather conservative: the length of the skirt, the thinness of the belt, the full covered top, the classic looking pendant, etc. Yet somehow, as always, I am drawn to the colors: I LOVE the isolation of red against such neutral colors as dark caramel and vanilla. It really demonstrates the power of color and the fact that pairing a bright color with lighter/neutral colors creates a brighter contrast.

But wait! There’s more! Luckily I had the luxury of seeing her face up close and I noticed her nose piercing – which makes for a very interesting twist on such a conservative piece.

ps. The zipper on her jacket is broken so she used a safety pin as a replacement :)

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The Day I Shot Bambi: Santana Row

As a photographer of street fashion I spend hours just sitting, walking, and waiting for the right photo. Santana Row is most notable for their upscale stores and even more upscale egos. If you’re looking for a keg filled with fist pumps and panty-less girls, this is the place to go. What I can’t seem to understand is that everyone here is snobby yet everyone dresses like shit. So when I saw this girl, well rather, when I saw this girls legs, I knew within two seconds that I had to take this shot.

How the HELL do you get this outfit amidst a sea of Ed Hardy and A|X? It really stuck out and I almost felt like this outfit belonged in San Francisco. The whole thing is unbelievably simple yet it just…it just works out! Pink shorts and a white top. That’s basically it. The rounded and buttoned collar also give it a girly look. Although I’m not quite sure it would be the same without the yellow flower in her hair; the color really pulls it together and forces you to look at her face.

But out of everything within this picture my favorite aspect would have to be the way her right foot is posed. Feet don’t do that –  or at least mine don’t. It’s so weird yet very very modely. It almost reminds me of a dear with a damaged foot. This minor detail – she probably wasn’t even aware she was doing it – makes this picture that much more interesting. And get a load of those legs! I don’t even think Bear Grylls can hike up those!

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Blue and Cute: Summer School

Many girls try to go for this look ( dress with a high waisted belt and cardigan) but only 10% of them can do it right. Even if this girl bought this entire ensemble at Urban Outfitters or (god forbid) Forever 21, I still forgive her — only because this girl is just too damn cute!

First off lets talk about something I see WAAAY too often: girls who are confused about their boobs. Some girls will have a modest bust yet they try to pull off outfits made for double Z cups. Similarly, there are busty ladies hanging around the city wearing nothing but thimbles on their chests. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! I assume you are aware of your breasts, right? So please, pick the right size, alright?

That being said, this girl’s top isn’t choking the living hell out of her chest; it siting where it should be. The dress is short and it all works in a cohesive blue theme. Another detail I admire is the raised texture of her cardigan. It looks nice and it almost makes you wanna jump out and touch it.

Sweet outfit, simple hair, and a great use of primary blue. And get a look at that frickin SMILE! LOOK AT IT! LOOK. AT. IT! I think I’m gonna die from cuteness overload! ^_^

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Silver Dior Shoes: Summer School

Taking pictures during summer school sucks. IT SUCKS! I mean the weather is great and all but NO ONE wants to dress up! Everyone’s too lazy to put in a little effort and all you get is a bunch of crappy graphic tees and basketball jerseys. Luckily, Ryan strolled out of the library and provided me with a nice photo op.

On the surface, the outfit might make you wonder “what’s so good about this?” but aha! Take a closer look: this upgraded wife beater has light gray stripes, the pants are of exceptional quality, the casual hat, and his shoes are phenomenal. But honestly, it was his shoes that sold me.

Me: Dang dude! Where did you get your shoes?!
Ryan: Dior.

I effing love the shoes. With all of that chrome and black, you can DEFINITELY tell it’s a Dior shoe. Ryan looked at my outfit and said “Is your shirt from Club Monaco?” “Haha yea” “Yea, I have the same shirt.” You Ryan, have great style. Cheers!

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The Tennis Player: San Francisco

This. Outfit. Is. Super. CLEAN! In a way, this guy doesn’t seem to fit within the scene of San Francisco. I mean sheez! He looks like he belongs on the tennis courts, away from all the chaos and madness of the city! Go home dude! There’s a perspiring pitcher of Sangria and a $400 wheel of cheese waiting for you!

No matter what you say about this ensemble, it’s not as easy to pull off as you think. This tennis court outfit can only be pulled off by certain people, with a certain aura of relaxation. It’s almost so relaxed that it’s sophisticated. The length of his shorts are at the suggested measurement for men. They’re short enough to be fashionable yet long enough to not be considered a prop for a male go-go dancer. Cropped hair, crisp boat shoes, and check out that sweater! How the heck did he tie it that way? Touche Francis Henry IV, Touche! *golf clap*


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The Japanese Professional: San Francisco

You know how on T.V Japanese people are always making that sound that goes like “OOOOOH! YES YES YES!” Well…it turns out they really do that.

Me: Excuse me, would you mind if I take your picture for my fashion blog?
He looks at his girlfriend, both of them cover their mouth and do the “OOOOH!” sound

I couldn’t help but wonder “Does this guy think I’m from some major magazine or something? It’s not like this is going to be posted in the New Yorker!” Despite their very Japanese-esque behavior, I knew this guy was educated in fashion. I mean look at the subtle posing of the hands, the slight arc in his posture, and the millimeter tilt of his head. But his posing is just as good as his outfit:

One of the things I LOVE about Japanese people is their ability to take basics, and make it new. His pants are amazing in fit and I truly enjoy the rolled up cuffs which allow us to see that little band on his left ankle. The more I look at this, the more I appreciate his effort. It seems like he uses a lot of basics from the classic era: the hat, the pants, the shoes, the sunglasses, as well as the color of his strap. Oh yea, and I had to double take to realize the scarf around his neck isn’t a scarf…it’s a sweater. W.T.F!!!!!!! GENIUS!!


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The Outfit That Forever Changed My Life: Gucci Spring 07

There are some things in life that are so life altering that once you experience it you feel as if “how on earth did I EVER live life not knowing what I know now?” For some people it’s the first experience at a baseball stadium [the crowd, the noise, the overly priced popcorn]. And for the more adventurous it might be their first sexual experience [the nervousness, the climax, and the embarrassment]. However, for me, it was this outfit, in this Gucci Spring 2007 men’s RTW (ready to wear) collection.

I was a 16 year old Sophomore at the time and I had experienced my first year of being the “fashionable” one at school. By fashionable I mean billowy slacks, frumpy dress shirts, and oversized ties. But it was different – not just for me, but for the whole school. I knew I had found a niche that hadn’t been occupied and I decided to claim my spot as the “suave” guy in school. A year later, I encountered the wonders of Gucci by Frida Giannini and I was never…EVER the same…

From ages 15-16 I flipped through my share of fashion magazines. I knew about pinstripes and dress shirts and penny loafers. I knew the basics and had a growing palette for ready-to-wear. But MAN, I’m tellin you… Frida’s Spring 2007 Men’s collection was so incredibly different. It was slim, classy, 60’s, masculine yet tapered, and the colors were beautifully composed in a way that I’ve never seen. But most importantly, I felt like this was my inner style. I wanted to dress exactly like this.

Today, I’m still trying to achieve this exact look (minus the hair). I still look back on these pictures from time to time. I still copy the color combinations used from this collection and I still listen to the music played in the Gucci Spring 2007 Women’s RTW show. So here’s to Frida, Gucci, and the collection that forever changed my life. I love you very very much.

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American Lolita: San Francisco

Why is she wearing that? Oh right! I took this picture in Japantown (San Francisco), so OF COURSE! Why NOT dress up in cosplay? Well… I won’t really go into the reasons why you shouldn’t, but hey! It’s cosplay and she’s….not Asian! Pretty wild eh?

I can’t exactly speak on behalf of the other Asian men in this world but I have to admit, seeing this girl wearing Asian cosplay is kinda….kinda HAWT! (In a nerdy way). Correct me if I’m wrong, but this girl’s styling is called “Lolita” which is a subculture in the Harujuku district in Japan. Often characterized by the girly/big skirts, Lolitas are an interesting combination of colonial fashion and Col. crunch ice cream. How the name Lolita came into existence? I have no clue.

note: Do NOT google image search the world “Lolita” with the safety search on off. It’s NSFW

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Blueberry Breakfast: Araceli Photoshoot #1

A few weeks ago Araceli approached me on Facebook asking if I could help build up her modeling portfolio. In a split second I was already thinking of ideas. Spellbound by this new opportunity to create art, I immediately thought of Karl Lagerfeld and Baptiste Giabiconi. Lagerfeld, notable for being the lead designer of Chanel, discovered male model Giabiconi and proclaimed him as “The new IT man!” Baptiste was now chained to Lagerfeld and basked in the fame and glory. My inspiration for this photoshoot with Araceli was this picture of Karl and Baptiste.

There’s something about Araceli that made me think “I can make something great out of her”. Like the picture of Karl/Baptiste – where Baptiste is wearing Lagerfeld’s clothes – Araceli is actually wearing my shirt. Well, to be more specific, we went shopping for her yet found a shirt that I wanted and decided she could wear that instead. But hey! It’s a good looking shirt, and it looks damn good on her.

I think every man fantasizes about the image of a woman wearing his clothes. It’s almost like a temporary branding – a way of saying “she’s mine”. But of course, the purpose of Araceli wearing my shirt was strictly for fashion. Seriously though, I love how well this fit her. Sure, it doesn’t fit like a woman’s shirt, but it fits in a more flowy/pajama way which still works. It’s smooth, it’s light, it’s fun, and it’s casual. So here’s to Araceli, the Baptiste to my Lagerfeld.

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