Blueberry Breakfast: Araceli Photoshoot #1

A few weeks ago Araceli approached me on Facebook asking if I could help build up her modeling portfolio. In a split second I was already thinking of ideas. Spellbound by this new opportunity to create art, I immediately thought of Karl Lagerfeld and Baptiste Giabiconi. Lagerfeld, notable for being the lead designer of Chanel, discovered male model Giabiconi and proclaimed him as “The new IT man!” Baptiste was now chained to Lagerfeld and basked in the fame and glory. My inspiration for this photoshoot with Araceli was this picture of Karl and Baptiste.

There’s something about Araceli that made me think “I can make something great out of her”. Like the picture of Karl/Baptiste – where Baptiste is wearing Lagerfeld’s clothes – Araceli is actually wearing my shirt. Well, to be more specific, we went shopping for her yet found a shirt that I wanted and decided she could wear that instead. But hey! It’s a good looking shirt, and it looks damn good on her.

I think every man fantasizes about the image of a woman wearing his clothes. It’s almost like a temporary branding – a way of saying “she’s mine”. But of course, the purpose of Araceli wearing my shirt was strictly for fashion. Seriously though, I love how well this fit her. Sure, it doesn’t fit like a woman’s shirt, but it fits in a more flowy/pajama way which still works. It’s smooth, it’s light, it’s fun, and it’s casual. So here’s to Araceli, the Baptiste to my Lagerfeld.

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