American Lolita: San Francisco

Why is she wearing that? Oh right! I took this picture in Japantown (San Francisco), so OF COURSE! Why NOT dress up in cosplay? Well… I won’t really go into the reasons why you shouldn’t, but hey! It’s cosplay and she’s….not Asian! Pretty wild eh?

I can’t exactly speak on behalf of the other Asian men in this world but I have to admit, seeing this girl wearing Asian cosplay is kinda….kinda HAWT! (In a nerdy way). Correct me if I’m wrong, but this girl’s styling is called “Lolita” which is a subculture in the Harujuku district in Japan. Often characterized by the girly/big skirts, Lolitas are an interesting combination of colonial fashion and Col. crunch ice cream. How the name Lolita came into existence? I have no clue.

note: Do NOT google image search the world “Lolita” with the safety search on off. It’s NSFW


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