The Outfit That Forever Changed My Life: Gucci Spring 07

There are some things in life that are so life altering that once you experience it you feel as if “how on earth did I EVER live life not knowing what I know now?” For some people it’s the first experience at a baseball stadium [the crowd, the noise, the overly priced popcorn]. And for the more adventurous it might be their first sexual experience [the nervousness, the climax, and the embarrassment]. However, for me, it was this outfit, in this Gucci Spring 2007 men’s RTW (ready to wear) collection.

I was a 16 year old Sophomore at the time and I had experienced my first year of being the “fashionable” one at school. By fashionable I mean billowy slacks, frumpy dress shirts, and oversized ties. But it was different – not just for me, but for the whole school. I knew I had found a niche that hadn’t been occupied and I decided to claim my spot as the “suave” guy in school. A year later, I encountered the wonders of Gucci by Frida Giannini and I was never…EVER the same…

From ages 15-16 I flipped through my share of fashion magazines. I knew about pinstripes and dress shirts and penny loafers. I knew the basics and had a growing palette for ready-to-wear. But MAN, I’m tellin you… Frida’s Spring 2007 Men’s collection was so incredibly different. It was slim, classy, 60’s, masculine yet tapered, and the colors were beautifully composed in a way that I’ve never seen. But most importantly, I felt like this was my inner style. I wanted to dress exactly like this.

Today, I’m still trying to achieve this exact look (minus the hair). I still look back on these pictures from time to time. I still copy the color combinations used from this collection and I still listen to the music played in the Gucci Spring 2007 Women’s RTW show. So here’s to Frida, Gucci, and the collection that forever changed my life. I love you very very much.


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