The Japanese Professional: San Francisco

You know how on T.V Japanese people are always making that sound that goes like “OOOOOH! YES YES YES!” Well…it turns out they really do that.

Me: Excuse me, would you mind if I take your picture for my fashion blog?
He looks at his girlfriend, both of them cover their mouth and do the “OOOOH!” sound

I couldn’t help but wonder “Does this guy think I’m from some major magazine or something? It’s not like this is going to be posted in the New Yorker!” Despite their very Japanese-esque behavior, I knew this guy was educated in fashion. I mean look at the subtle posing of the hands, the slight arc in his posture, and the millimeter tilt of his head. But his posing is just as good as his outfit:

One of the things I LOVE about Japanese people is their ability to take basics, and make it new. His pants are amazing in fit and I truly enjoy the rolled up cuffs which allow us to see that little band on his left ankle. The more I look at this, the more I appreciate his effort. It seems like he uses a lot of basics from the classic era: the hat, the pants, the shoes, the sunglasses, as well as the color of his strap. Oh yea, and I had to double take to realize the scarf around his neck isn’t a scarf…it’s a sweater. W.T.F!!!!!!! GENIUS!!



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2 responses to “The Japanese Professional: San Francisco

  1. hah You made their day I bet ;)
    A women reccomended I read your blog.
    I’m from SF too, and I’m volunteering for this clothing swap- I bet you would get some fun pics there.
    anyway- I’ll go check out some more of your posts :) Erika

    • The Falco

      This event seems VERY San Francisco-ish :P I’ll definitely try and check it out! Seems fun, and I’m always looking for an excuse to head to the city :)

      By the way…who recommended my blog to you? haha

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