The Tennis Player: San Francisco

This. Outfit. Is. Super. CLEAN! In a way, this guy doesn’t seem to fit within the scene of San Francisco. I mean sheez! He looks like he belongs on the tennis courts, away from all the chaos and madness of the city! Go home dude! There’s a perspiring pitcher of Sangria and a $400 wheel of cheese waiting for you!

No matter what you say about this ensemble, it’s not as easy to pull off as you think. This tennis court outfit can only be pulled off by certain people, with a certain aura of relaxation. It’s almost so relaxed that it’s sophisticated. The length of his shorts are at the suggested measurement for men. They’re short enough to be fashionable yet long enough to not be considered a prop for a male go-go dancer. Cropped hair, crisp boat shoes, and check out that sweater! How the heck did he tie it that way? Touche Francis Henry IV, Touche! *golf clap*



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2 responses to “The Tennis Player: San Francisco

  1. Tennis outfits are all white. At least at any ‘real’ club they are.

  2. * “golf clap”
    nice touch :)
    Very clean- wish all the bums would look like this xp

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