Silver Dior Shoes: Summer School

Taking pictures during summer school sucks. IT SUCKS! I mean the weather is great and all but NO ONE wants to dress up! Everyone’s too lazy to put in a little effort and all you get is a bunch of crappy graphic tees and basketball jerseys. Luckily, Ryan strolled out of the library and provided me with a nice photo op.

On the surface, the outfit might make you wonder “what’s so good about this?” but aha! Take a closer look: this upgraded wife beater has light gray stripes, the pants are of exceptional quality, the casual hat, and his shoes are phenomenal. But honestly, it was his shoes that sold me.

Me: Dang dude! Where did you get your shoes?!
Ryan: Dior.

I effing love the shoes. With all of that chrome and black, you can DEFINITELY tell it’s a Dior shoe. Ryan looked at my outfit and said “Is your shirt from Club Monaco?” “Haha yea” “Yea, I have the same shirt.” You Ryan, have great style. Cheers!


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