Blue and Cute: Summer School

Many girls try to go for this look ( dress with a high waisted belt and cardigan) but only 10% of them can do it right. Even if this girl bought this entire ensemble at Urban Outfitters or (god forbid) Forever 21, I still forgive her — only because this girl is just too damn cute!

First off lets talk about something I see WAAAY too often: girls who are confused about their boobs. Some girls will have a modest bust yet they try to pull off outfits made for double Z cups. Similarly, there are busty ladies hanging around the city wearing nothing but thimbles on their chests. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! I assume you are aware of your breasts, right? So please, pick the right size, alright?

That being said, this girl’s top isn’t choking the living hell out of her chest; it siting where it should be. The dress is short and it all works in a cohesive blue theme. Another detail I admire is the raised texture of her cardigan. It looks nice and it almost makes you wanna jump out and touch it.

Sweet outfit, simple hair, and a great use of primary blue. And get a look at that frickin SMILE! LOOK AT IT! LOOK. AT. IT! I think I’m gonna die from cuteness overload! ^_^


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