The Day I Shot Bambi: Santana Row

As a photographer of street fashion I spend hours just sitting, walking, and waiting for the right photo. Santana Row is most notable for their upscale stores and even more upscale egos. If you’re looking for a keg filled with fist pumps and panty-less girls, this is the place to go. What I can’t seem to understand is that everyone here is snobby yet everyone dresses like shit. So when I saw this girl, well rather, when I saw this girls legs, I knew within two seconds that I had to take this shot.

How the HELL do you get this outfit amidst a sea of Ed Hardy and A|X? It really stuck out and I almost felt like this outfit belonged in San Francisco. The whole thing is unbelievably simple yet it just…it just works out! Pink shorts and a white top. That’s basically it. The rounded and buttoned collar also give it a girly look. Although I’m not quite sure it would be the same without the yellow flower in her hair; the color really pulls it together and forces you to look at her face.

But out of everything within this picture my favorite aspect would have to be the way her right foot is posed. Feet don’t do that –  or at least mine don’t. It’s so weird yet very very modely. It almost reminds me of a dear with a damaged foot. This minor detail – she probably wasn’t even aware she was doing it – makes this picture that much more interesting. And get a load of those legs! I don’t even think Bear Grylls can hike up those!


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