Kristen Stewart’s Twin (kinda): San Francisco

If you look at this girl’s outfit from the bottom up you start to think “Okay, this chick must be in her 30’s” yet remarkably… she’s not (unless she ages REALLY REALLY well). I love it when girls around my age (early 20s) dress as if they are 10 years older. Yes, I’m sure that sounds like a backhanded compliment, but I truly mean it.

Once you zoom and enhance you can truly see the floral-esque detailing in her skirt. Most of the things on this outfit are rather conservative: the length of the skirt, the thinness of the belt, the full covered top, the classic looking pendant, etc. Yet somehow, as always, I am drawn to the colors: I LOVE the isolation of red against such neutral colors as dark caramel and vanilla. It really demonstrates the power of color and the fact that pairing a bright color with lighter/neutral colors creates a brighter contrast.

But wait! There’s more! Luckily I had the luxury of seeing her face up close and I noticed her nose piercing – which makes for a very interesting twist on such a conservative piece.

ps. The zipper on her jacket is broken so she used a safety pin as a replacement :)


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