Lenny Kravitz’s Twin Brother: San Francisco

An outfit is no longer an outfit the minute you sit down. Once you sit down the functionality of the outfit is tested: Do your pants fit comfortably when sitting? Does your shirt collar rise up? Is there a slab of belly fat protruding from your pants? Sometimes I’ll see a girl wear an amazingly beautiful dress but the instant she sits down, there’s a look on her face as if a large and asymmetrical shaped twig is being lodged into her anus – it totally ruins her vibe. But this guy looks so effing relaxed, and so goddamn cool that he might as well be walking around butt neked.

Due to the angle that I shot at and his right arm, you can barely make out the details of his upper outfit. Underneath his black long sleeve sweater is a black shirt that is paired with a black bow tie. Now usually, I stay away from black on black on black since it creates a boring composition with no sense of depth in the outfit – however, he made it work with this outfit. With different shades of black ranging from his shoes, his pants, and his bow tie, you can definitely see the separation in the pieces and it doesn’t look like one giant body suit.

Within this outfit is something that I personally have never seen: no laces. WHAT?! HOW CAN THAT BE?! Is this some neo-homeless trend that’s sweeping the pipe-sitting community?! Needless to say, it actually looks kinda cool – on him. But be aware that unless you have great hair like this man or your coolness level is comparable to his (IT’S OVER 9,000!!!!), then I suggest you keep your laces on. If all else fails, go butt neked.


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