Daniel Craig’s European Twin Brother: San Francisco

I don’t know about you but I can always tell if a person is from Europe just from the way that they dress. Is it the textured shoes? The negative break of the pants? Or perhaps it’s the bag?

When it comes to man bags, American men can be so goddamn squeamish towards anything that doesn’t look like a gym bag or something made from Jansport. During my years of “I hate American fashion! Viva la European fashion!” I fell in love with the man bag. I learned that in America, if you can pull off a man bag, you will be praised by many women, and envied by many men. Speaking of envy, this guy has a nice effing bag!

I love the modern yet classic feel of this Dior bag. The placement of the straps and the asymmetry of the pocket makes it modern while the quality of the leather, the coin, and the caramel trim bring it back a few decades. And get a load of those shoes! I’m starting to notice this shoelace…less trend a lot more. It’s weird, but I approve!

When you look at the details of the outfit: the shoes, the bag, the intermediate tying of the scarf, and the pants, you get a nice, sophisticated, casual, and very very European outfit. Auf Wiedersehen!


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