The Blonde Egyptian Princess: San Francisco

It has come to my attention that the outfits I enjoy the most on this blog have all been outfits worn by beautiful blondes. Though I could say that this preference is strictly accidental, I think I know why this gentleman prefers blondes.

Long ago when I was a wee little boy with long hair and a wild fascination for my boogers, I had a neighbor. She was young, vibrant, a lover of dogs, blonde haired, I can’t remember what colors eyes she had, but she was also an older woman (maybe that explains my interest current interest in older women?) One thing lead to the next and eventually I found myself in my garage giving her a quick kiss on the lips as we pretended to get married.

Ahhh… good memories…but anyways! Imagine walking through a brightly lit San Francisco and seeing this woman standing randomly in the shade – how can you not stare at her? In today’s fashion, you can see this type of red in various outfits and accessories (I know, I have a shirt this same color). But this dress….the way she wears it makes it almost seem…angelic. The way the fabric falls from her shoulders, the “arrows” that her shoulders seem to create, and the bracelet all create this image of a modern (yet blonde) Egyptian princess. It’s an outfit of royalty without being gaudy.

This just goes to show you: you don’t need pictures of flaming eagles, or witty phrases, or shimmering jewels on your outfit to stand out. All you need is the right color, and the right Asian guy with a hidden love affair for blonde girls.

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