Oh, this old thang?: Union Square, San Francisco

One of the few cliches that I find myself following is the idea that “less is more”. Less makeup = more natural beauty, less fast food = more abs, less sex with real people = more time spent watching porn. In terms of style, I find that a lot of people are confused when it comes to detailing. These terrorists of fashion consume every imaginable style and throw it into one outfit: Zebra print thongs with polka dot leggings paired with an Andy Warhol graphic tee all underneath a pinstripe blazer. It’s RIDICULOUS!

But this woman over here, she’s my type – well, at least from a stylistic point of view. There’s something to be said about a dress that can look good with only two black stripes. With the use of her jet black shoes (which kinda look like the female version of beatle boots) you get a delicious yet modernized mod outfit. I also love the sleekness of her long hair being tucked into the neckline of her jacket.

Her: Oh that’s so nice of you to take my picture! This is such an old dress!
Me: Oh no problem! It looks very nice!

Did she just pull of a modernized version of the movie cliche where a girl gets a compliment about her outfit and says “Oh, this old thang?” Very cool my friend, very cool.

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