Texting While Waiting: West Portal, San Francisco

I absolutely love the simplicity of this. Luckily for me, I was able to witness this outfit in person and the way her outfit brought out the rich and wonderful color of her skin. And check out the texture on those boots! However, what I really appreciate about this outfit is how she used her bag. Generally speaking, I HATE the Louis Vuitton bags with the logos printed all over. In fact, I hate ALL bags with the logos printed all over – it’s too gaudy for me.

Yet, the purity of this outfit really brings down the loudness of the purse a few notches. It’s cute on her and it also matches her cuteness :)

Me: (Intro) …so I was just wondering if I could take a picture of your outfit
Her: Ummm…sure? Wait no!
Me: Huh?
Her: Well, I don’t look good in pictures!
Me: Haha oh don’t worry, you look fine!  And you can keep texting if you want, just stay exactly where you are
Her: Oh, okay
*snap snap snap*
Me: Okay, thank you!
Her: So what are you up to?

Alright, at this point, I can honestly say I was thrown a curve ball. Usually when I shoot my subjects it’s a lot like a one night stand: wham, bam, thank you mam (or sir?). So it’s always a pleasure when my subjects actually engage in a conversation with me.

Me: Well… I’m just walking around trying to get shots, but I’m also looking for a place to eat.
Her: In West Portal? You should go downtown!
Me: I actually just took some random streets and wound up here on accident, haha
Her: Very cool. Well good luck!
Me: Thanks! :)


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