Afro Ninja: Union Square, San Francisco




Is this not the GREATEST outfit your eyes have ever seen?! I’m pretty sure that at the end of a double rainbow there is no pot of gold,  there is but this man. Old spice guy? Meet THIS GUY! The instant I look at this picture my mind just screams out “1970’s Kung Fu movies.” I mean honestly, EVERYTHING is PERFECT!

The cropped leather jacket, the negative break in his pants, the discrete cigarette that looks like it’s about to burn his pants, and those shades all paint the perfect Kung Fu character. But come on guys, let’s be honest: what REALLY makes this outfit sing is the hair. From the perfectly groomed handlebar mustache (which is begging to be fed a tall glass of beer) to the modernized Don King afro, his hair is stylized in a way I have never seen in person.

And this badass character of his? It ain’t just for show. While I was taking this picture, the San Francisco cable car was coming by and this man was literally an inch away from the tracks (or at least it seemed like it was.) As the sound of steel on steel contact came closer and closer, I jumped out of the way only to find Mr. Mustache still as a statue. Someone give this man a pair of nun-chucks and a cheeseburger – or should I say, Royal with cheese?

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One response to “Afro Ninja: Union Square, San Francisco

  1. Hehe ~all i cud think of was afro samurai or samurai champloo, he just has that kinda of swag

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