The Boiler Room: San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010

As Owen Geronimo opens his mouth to speak, the minions of the makeup room lower their voices to hear what needs to be said.


And just like that, a pack of photo nerds ran to the scene like a bunch of animals at a watering hole. So there I was, holding my 5 [or more] year old digital camera (it felt more like I was babysitting a senior citizen than taking photos) trying to get a good shot amongst all the others. I knew I wouldn’t get as high quality of a shot as the others, so I decided to take a different approach.

On the runway, a model must erase everything that is currently going on in their life (family problems, broken bones, and broken hearts) in order to put on their game face. But what about when they’re getting ready? What about those moments before the runway? Shouldn’t we capture that as well?

I LOVE this picture because that face, that exact expression, is something we’ve all done . Whether we do it before going on a hot date, or prior to a public speech, we all recognize this as the “I’m gettin’ in the zone” face. With sixty seconds till game time, and your nerves shooting out of your veins like a busted drain pipe, all you need is that one final moment to say “I can do this”. But somehow, no matter how confident you may feel there’s always a person even more relaxed…

Fun Fact: It is IMPOSSIBLE to take a candid shot of a model – they are ALWAYS aware of the camera! Gawd Dammit! Stop being so…so GOOD AT YOUR JOB!

One of the things that I noticed (and liked) about these models was that they were all very personal. Nearly every model had this small nugget of alone time. Time to reflect and time to concentrate. They sat down with furrowed brows, heads down low, and wrinkled foreheads. I like that. I think the moment someone feels alone is the moment they’re truly themselves.

The model pictured directly above is one of my favorites. Aside from the fact that she looks like Gisele Bundchen’s long lost twin sister, she always had that exact same look on her face while she was backstage. I mean she’s a gorgeous girl yet somehow, it almost seems as if she doesn’t realize it. There’s a lovely innocence that radiates from her. And hey! Check out those pockets!

When the mist (from hairspray) clears the air, and the curling irons are set on the table, it’s time to rock the shit out of your outfit. You simply take one step, and the rest is history. Running a fashion show is a lot like cooking a wonderful meal for your family (if your family consisted of 40+ members): although the finished product is refined and sophisticated, the process needed to get there is rough and filled with scars. You will cut yourself, overcook the chicken, and even forget to pick up carrots from the grocery store, but in the end… it all turns out alright. But you know what’s the funny thing about running a fashion show? After everyone leaves and all the lights are turned off, the thing you remember most is not the show itself, but the time spent creating it.


Be sure to check back later on this week when I post pictures of the people who attended the San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010, and all of their lovely lovely outfits :)

To Owen & Del: Your show ran smoother than the side of Angelina Jolie’s [airbrushed] right cheek. Thank you for opening so many doors. See you in October….


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2 responses to “The Boiler Room: San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010

  1. Wow, I’m impressed. I can’t wait to see what else you came up with from the show!

    • The Falco


      thanks Jason! I’m actually very excited to post the rest of the pictures, but I just want to let these pictures “simmer” before I post the others.

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