Superheroes & Supervillains: San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010

With photographers and fashionistas all in one room, all I could hear was the sound of clicking heels and clicking cameras.

I’ve never been to an event like this and to be honest, I expected to see a lot of vain and snobby people. I mean, I love fashion but I just thought the people in the fashion industry were…well…assholes. But to my pleasant surprise, everyone was actually very sweet. They were all friendly, lively, and of course, incredibly stylish.


Take this man for example: I’ve been trying to replicate this European look for YEARS! The way he uses the scarf is so incredibly slick that you can almost feel the softness on your neck. Then again, when you’re like this man, and your dad is Korean and your mother is Russian, is there anything you can’t wear?

Eight hours before these pictures were taken, I was standing in the middle of my room butt naked, scratching my forehead as I tried to decide “what the hell do I wear to a fashion show? How can I compete against these professional San Francisco fashionistas?!” Little did I know that the outfits worn by the guests were actually quite simple – but done with pin point precision.

The matching of the grays almost creates an illusion as if the scarf has molded into the jacket. Very very interesting

Nakia was one of the models during the show. Luckily, I caught a glimpse of her just as she changed back into her normal clothes - and yes, she still looks gorgeous <3

This is an example of being creative: the item on his collar is actually a tie clip - something I have NEVER seen before (I might have to steal this idea...)

Mad Men inspired?

It is then that I realized something: I’m not in a room of fashionable people, I’m in a room filled with modernized superheros and supervillains! From the stars and stripes of Captain America

How to wear a bowtie 101

To the colors of Joker and Poison Ivy…

Look at the details on her belt! Very beautiful indeed

This fresh flower brings life to an otherwise dark outfit. Great contrast!

Interesting skirt, but I'm starting to really like it. This outfit is very "earthy"

Everyone had this unique look that was created by details, colors, and texture; there was a character or a story to be told. The instant this woman walked in I knew I had to snap this shot. It’s so earthy and just…right. If she were a character I think she would be Harley Quin (if Harley Quinn had a child with Jonathan Adler).

But when it comes to details, there were two people who really stole the show outside the show. I couldn’t help but think “My GOD! These two look like they came straight out of a James Bond film! GREAT SCOTT! It’s Jaws! And…and…a futuristic Bond girl!

Someone needs to give this woman her own T.V show. NOW!

Yes, he's actually a stylist.

I have never seen a teeth jewelry that I liked - until now.

Reflective nail polish? YES! YES! YES!

The fashion industry has been associated with various negative stereotypes. From brainless models to ridiculous designers wanting to put feathers on everything, many people think the fashion industry is a mere Jackson Pollock painting: it’s random and it has no point. Despite being interested in fashion myself, I too believed that the people of fashion were cruel and heartless (ex: Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada) – but I was wrong. If there is one example to illustrate the kindness of these people it is this: I was talking to Charleston Pierce as our conversation came to an end.

Charleston Pierce: Well then, good luck with your work and I hope to see you again!
Me: Thank you!

And just then, he looked at my shirt, complimented my jacket, and fixed my crumpled collar.

Joanna Weidenmiller (Wonder Woman) , Charleston Pierce (Superman), Shaun Saunders (Spiderman), Owen Geronimo (Batman)

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  1. Thank you! Great article. I’m so glad that I was able to contribute to breaking down the stereotypes!! :)

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