Waiting for Love: Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

I don’t know if this is just me but don’t you feel a certain level of romanticism with this picture? I can’t pin point exactly what it is, but I’m strangely in love with this shot.

Okay, so you have these boots that give her this look as if she could stomp on a freakin watermelon, yet her jeans are soo slim fitting and unbelievably sexy that it creates an almost neutral vibe. Everything about this is incredibly incredibly subtle. The cigarette and diet coke, the girl pigtails, and of course, that facial expression.

I mean of course, she’s probably taking a break from work or waiting for someone, but it really looks like she’s waiting for someone. That look on her face is just soo familiar; it’s that face you make when you’re waiting for someone you care about, or someone you love. It’s the face you make because even though you have to wait for an hour or two, you know that the person you’re going to meet is well worth the wait… :)


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