Smoking is Cool! : Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

Some of the outfits I photograph will bring fourth mixed feelings. At first I might hate it but as I take the time to look over it, I start to like it even more. Unlike those pictures, I actually learned to like this picture less.

Okay, before you start grabbing your pitchforks and shovels hear me out: the outfit is great but what really gets to me is the fit of his pants. If ONLY his pants were more form fitting and slim, he would look absolutely perfect. What I adore about this ensemble is this sense of enlarging. He’s a pretty tall guy so he can pull off the huge shirt collar, but what makes everything proportional is his huge (but short) tie (with cool stitching on the outside which give it this quilted feel), and that fairly rectangular belt buckle.

He just seems pretty damn slick – like a modern day Serge Gainsbourg. What I also noticed is that for once, I actually think he looks pretty cool smoking that cigarette. I’m not a smoker myself so generally I find it hard to be attracted to others who smoke, but this guy looks pretty damn believable with those sunglasses. So please, for the love of McHammer, wear a slimmer cut pants! We will love you for it!

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