The San Francisco Girl: Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco

As a 20 year resident of San Jose, I can say with conviction that the fashion in this city lacks in luster. A wave of mass produced tops, dresses, t-shirts, and shoes have flooded my city. Around every corner, in every strip mall, I see person after person wearing the same damn thing. Am I dreaming? Have I been transported into a world where every girl dresses in uniform?

One of the things I search for when I take photos in San Francisco is the San Franciscan version of the San Jose girl. And guess what? She does dress better. I like how this skirt is hiked up just enough to show off the curves within her legs. This is a pretty confusing outfit and your eyes tend to jump around a bit but it still makes sense: The scarf relates to the skirt, the shoes relate to the belt, and blazer relates to her Gilda-esque hair.

This just goes to show you that in fashion, there’s a difference between being loud, and making a statement.

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